How does it work?

A straightforward solution, to help you grow your business...

The customer application process...

You'll receive a branded application with your company logo and matching colour scheme.

Your customers can access this application via your personalised link, this can be shared on your website, email and social media, we can show you how.

When a customer applies live on your link, the application will appear on your portal within seconds, with a credit decision from one of our 38 lenders, this typically takes 5 minutes and at most under 2 hours.

When they are approved, you'll see this on your portal, you'll also see when the customer has the funds in their bank account, from here, you simply treat them as a cash customer and collect payment as you would normally.

Your application portal...

Here, you can monitor all your customer applications within seconds of submission...

You will be able to see when they pass, fail and ultimately when they have their funds paid into their bank account, to allow you to collect payment for your goods or services.

Approval can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on the customer's credit profile and the queue.

Your portal will be password protected and should only be accessed by someone from your company, someone that you know and trust.

We will also regularly send you details of customers who abandoned their applications forms, to allow you to follow up on these prospects.

Get paid and deliver your goods or services...

You'll be able to see when the customer has had their loan paid into their account, from this point, you proceed with your sales process as normal, as if they were a cash customer.

It's important to remember to think about your internal sales process when it comes to offering finance, to make sure your customers understand how it works and what's going to happen next.

Your dedicated account manager can help you with this and so can our head office, we'll be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

We also create digital marketing materials for you to use in email, your website and on your social media channels, you can find an order form in your portal to get these made.

Speak to a business consultant today to get started...

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